The Architectural Treasures of Cuba: Access renewed & in support of the Cuban people

Jan 21, 2024 Jan 28, 2024

Join us as we head to the Caribbean and a place that was first discovered in 1492. This promises to be an extraordinary journey reserved for 20 or so discerning architecture, art, design and culture enthusiasts. This trip is perfect for seasoned travelers who are looking for a special chance to explore historic houses, architecture, and the best of Cuban art – and meeting with architects, artists, craftspeople, museum officials, urban planners and more. This itinerary is unique and custom designed by Lani Summerville (CEO and Founder of Classical Excursions), Chas Miller (Director of Travelers Services, Classical Excursions) and a Cuban professional travel planner who splits his time between Miami and Havana. Lani has traveled to the island eleven times and Chas has gone seventeen times – so both are well versed in planning this extraordinary itinerary.

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